Wedding Decorations Ideas 2011

Wedding table decorations : black and white theme wedding theme, sophisticated and elegant wedding. Always looks clear and relatively easy to achieve. wedding theme wedding invitations, flowers, reception decorations, table place cards, wedding favors, candy dishes, and the development must take into account, such as wedding dresses. coordination in all aspects of your wedding day to take color theme. Therefore, a lot of choice when decorating your wedding, and the tables. Views chandeliers, paper lanterns, table runners, place cards and table scatters fancy presentation. These are all easily available in different colors such as black and white. tea light candles, paper bags, to create a romantic atmosphere redstart color anytime, whether external or internal. There are many types of white flowers and black ribbon with a black box or glass containers can be made. Another option is to use white flowers offset black card, or wedding favors.

Wedding Invitations Ideas : Sophisticated black and white wedding invitations are also easily available. white paper or card suppliers of wedding invitations printed in black text in a very decorative patterns created a simple but colorful invitations YTL. Think of the various papers to create texture interested in monochromatic colors.

Wedding favors and candy dishes : Wedding favors and gifts, and even guests, can work table decorations and cards. the name of each guest's choice in a simple but effective black and white decorative candle holders, black paper fans and frames. Different model options, the thread color (streaks and spots appear larger) ice cream cupcakes, cakes, cookies or cupcake wrappers and wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons match.

Bridal party dresses Ideas : Wedding black and white wedding dress to create a simple matter of approach. Bridesmaid, evening or cocktail dress, like the black-coated black, and you must choose a variety of bridesmaid dresses. Team of the white rose bouquets, and eye color. In addition, supporters of his clothes, black, white shawls and umbrellas supplements. May be taken of the black clothes and black-and-white or white ribbon around the middle to create a look to tape. Groomsmen simple black suit and white shirt.